This first Actual Play series was started in January 2017 in the hiatus between Story Arc 3 and the rest of time. 

The Actual Play was recorded in the home of Rudy Basso in the fall of 2016, featured James Introcaso as the dungeon master, with real play by Ray Fallon, who normally plays Andar Patrone; Mark Smith, who voices the infamous Tacomin Gemmin and had never played D&D before; Caroline Collins, who is famous for her role as Tavern Goer #43; and Anthony, some guy.  

In the adventure, James gives a great intro to D&D, which is useful to listen to if you have friends or family who want to know what exactly this thing is all about. The party then arrives in a goblin-infested area with villages in turmoil from the constant attacks. Someone has to do something about it. Do they? You bet.  

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