Actual Play 5 is one of the series of Actual Play episodes aired in between shows.

The adventure is Richard Jansen-Parkes' Free adventure entitled The Wild Sheep Chase! presented in three parts.

Part 1 opens with the players, fan favorites John Fischer (Thoven Battlebeard), Dan Keyser (Benicio Markanti), a tardy Vin St. John (Taverngoer something or other and Rolf the Paladin ), and Vegas Lancaster (Tom the Fish). Join the cast as they battle bears, monkey-kin, wand-wielding fiends, and their own almost overwhelming need for precision. Revel in Stabby-cakes' assessment of the best places to place an off-track bet in 1940s Brooklyn, NY. Bask in the glow of the expert level character development of the angry, young transmuter, Z. And wince internally and visibly as Elrond Hubbard is critically fisted by something that's probably not technically a monkey. In the end, the message is clear in the mind of the sheep: No one from the Apprentice program should ever be given any sort of power ever, or they will use it for evil and endanger everyone.*  

Notable quotes:

  • "Use your words!" called angrily to a Gibbering Mouther
  • "I can't remember the last time I unmade a bed."
  • "Sure, there's poop."  

You'll get them when you listen. Enjoy the horrific end to this fanciful animal adventure. 

*There's an evil apprentice in there, look it up! All references to any person living, dead, or presidential is purely coincidental.

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