Andar Patrone, leader of Party 13, is a human cleric who calls upon the favors of a number of gods and goddesses specifically tailored to helping his situation.

Below will be a list of the gods on whom Andar has called (or should)

  • Alorra is the goddess of guidance, to whom Andar was originally pledged as a Cleric, but to whom he will no longer appeal for reasons that will only be revealed over time. Andar is cured of this during Story Arc 3.
  • Crodgers - god of luck and chance
  • Teedeekay - the god of structured formatting of magnetic media, and patron of Tavern Goer #5
  • Dez - goddess of roaming around without getting lost
  • Roquefort - god of tavern drinks
  • Umar - god of the horse
  • Hom Goods - goddess of interior decorating
  • Lumos - King of Light
  • Alexa - goddess of awkward syntax
  • Samm Sung - god of fire and explosions
  • Icosahedron - god of pre-determined fate
  • Sue Veed, goddess of perfectly cooked meat
  • N'Wii, god of, well, nothing really, I mean what's the point
  • Oh'Seedee, goddess of consistency and predictability of pattern in all things
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