Aurox is a lich. He may have been brought back to unlife after being trampled by prehistoric ruminants, and just had very bad spelling skills. Or, more popular recent theories suppose that he drank a combination of Gold and Clorox as some sort of stupid alchemical experiment.

Either way, it left him unhappy with the world and people in general.

He has long running battles with Party 13 and other TAG groups, until finally being defeated in Story Arc 7, the monstrous finale to Season 1. Oh, Spoiler alert.

Voiced by the too-upbeat-to-play-a-lich Vegas Lancaster, who gives Aurox an appeal that almost makes you want to forget that he's a blood-thirsty killer who yearns to turn the souls of all humanity into corrupted vessels for his own personal amusement. Quite the acting job.

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