Benicio Markanti is primary Cast Member a half-elf rogue with a heart of gold.  He is well known among the common folk for his heroic deeds and constant fight for equality and freedom.  He is also well known among the female common folk as "that weirdo with the terrible pick up lines".

Benicio Markanti, aka Benicio Marquanti, aka Benicio del Markanti is voiced by Dan Keyser.

Dan Keyser is a teacher and performer.  He chooses to believe that Benicio’s personality and adventures parallel his own life. In reality, he goes to bed early and wears a tie four days out of the week.

Benicio is famous for his pickup lines, including:

  • Do you have a healing potion? Because Benicio has hurt his knees falling for you.
  • Your father must be a chicken farmer, because you're very good at raising...<undecipherable>
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