Like a metaphorically, if not literally, unholy combination of Critters and Parrotheads, HaveSpellerheads are the fanatical adherents and ardent followers of the Have Spellbook - Will Travel podcast-radioplay.

HaveSpellerheads are numerous, inhabiting almost every county in northern New Jersey and several other places as well. Fanatical to a tee, they often gather in small groups and large, on Google+ hangouts all around the greater Internet area to discuss the finer points of the series.

They ask and answer the deep questions:

  • Why is Andar so angry?
  • Who does Lora's hair?
  • Liz So what?
  • How come I didn't audition for Star Trek, the Musical?
  • If a Bogfrop fought a Bullywug(TM) on the show, how long would it take to receive WotC's cease and desist letter?

True fans, comment below:

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