Like a metaphorical, if not literal, unholy combination of Critters and Parrotheads, HaveSpellerheads are the fanatical adherents and ardent followers of the Have Spellbook - Will Travel podcast-radioplay.

HaveSpellerheads are numerous, inhabiting almost every county in northern New Jersey and several other places as well. Fanatical to a tee, they often gather in small groups and large, on Google+ hangouts all around the greater Internet area to discuss the finer points of the series.

They ask and answer the deep questions:

  • Why is Andar so angry?
  • Who does Lora's hair?
  • Liz So what?
  • How come I didn't audition for Star Trek, the Musical?
  • If a Bogfrop fought a Troglodyte on the show, how long would it take to receive WotC's cease and desist letter?

True fans, they will publicly disclose their names, twitter accounts and social security numbers below:

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