James Introcaso is a writer/producer/director/dungeon master/game designer/performer/all-around great guy no longer living in the Washington, DC metro area. He is all about the Popular Culture. If you ever want to talk about tabletop RPGs, he is down.

James voices Old Man Wisely, among other credited and uncredited roles.

James is the co-writer, co-producer and co-other stuff of Have Spellbook along with co-friend Rudy Basso.

James also hosts the podcast Table Top Babble on the Don't Split the Podcast Network (which he also co-created), hosts an Ennie-winning Blog on his home-brewed fantasy world at He writes adventures for the Adventurer's Guild, for the DMs Guild (he's well guilded), and does lots of other stuff too numerous to list now because he has to go put the kids to bed.

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