Before his long and storied career on two hit television shows and countless gigs fronting on keyboards for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Rolf was a Paladin and leader of the Armored Griffins, a TAG adventuring group. At first, a noble human with a cause, he joined forces in the Griffins with Lydia, purportedly a wizard but revealed to be a secret warlock in the thrall of Aurox and Mekar. When Lydia's true purpose was revealed, Rolf belatedly tried to stop her, but was turned into a brown fluffy dog with floppy ears and a keen sense of that sweet, sweet ivory soul who could never be satisfied without another man's hand up his backside. But that's another story.

Voiced on the podcast by Vin St. John, with whom none of this "backstory" was ever shared.

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