Rudy Basso is a writer and performer living in Northern New Jersey. He does not make any declarations about his ranking in either of those two fields.

Rudy plays Varne Stormleaf

Rudy is the Creator, co-writer, co-producer, co-director, and editor of Have Spellbook, Will Travel, and co-creator of the Don't Split the Podcast Network with the reclusive James Introcaso. He hosts a podcast on DSPN called Game O'Clock (where it's always 1:37 in the afternoon) with co-host Alex Basso (no relation).

Rudy is featured in all of the episodes of Behind the Scenes. Hmm, must be nice.

Rudy is tragically maimed in the middle of recording Story Arc 8. Dangit, sorry... Spoiler alert.  

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