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Story Arc 0 was broadcast starting on August 10 with episode 0-1, "Party 13 After Dark"

Episode 0-1 was broadcast after Story Arc 2. It depicts a period of downtime back in the home village of Party 13 after the vanquishing of the evils in the previous two stories. It starts in the same tavern with Old Man Wisely, with the taverngoers urging him to tell a more adult-themed tale of Party 13.

Thoven visits his mother at home. She is judgmental about his relationship with Veena, the Water Nymph. Veena talks to Thoven on the Sending Stone.

Varne and his cat take a cooking class, seemingly taught by Old Lady Wisely, where he encounters Kai, the temporary Party 13 member and Pirate Ninja from Story Arc 1. Varne brags of his studies at Yalegard school of magic, but is unable to recite the 3 Tenets of Magic: Intelligence, Wisdom, Strength.

Benicio asks Lora out to dinner. Benicio is very nervous. Lora is amused. They enjoy the Glazed Loin of Boar with Pickled garden vegetables and chard polenta, Butter-poached Halibut with shaved daikon and tomato. Benicio reveals a bit of his back story... or does he. The audience, including McGinty's crotch, was not pleased that the sexual tension between Lora and Benicio was not resolved.

Andar visits the tavern and meets up with members of his former TAG party, the Saviors for an annual reunion. It is revealed that Andar was in love with Cyrial, a member the Saviors killed in action, for whom this annual reunion was meant.

At the end, Old Man Wisely goes to get some rest only to be assailed by the children, now awake for more story.

Story Arc 3 follows Episode 0-1.