HaveSpellbook uses the Story Arc 0- numbering scheme as the designator for ancillary, "interlude-y," or episodic installments of the main story that are separate from the serialized content of the Story Arc 1-7 or Season-designated S2-n numbering.

Story Arc 0 was broadcast starting on August 10 with episode 0-1

Episode 0-1, "Party 13 After Dark" was broadcast after Story Arc 2. It depicts a period of downtime back in the home village of Party 13 after the vanquishing of the evils in the previous two stories. It starts in the same tavern with Old Man Wisely, with the taverngoers urging him to tell a more adult-themed tale of Party 13.

Episode 0-2, "The Party 13 Defamation League" was broadcast on October 18, 2017, in place of episode 2 of the new second season of Have Spellbook. It features an all Vegas Lancaster cast of Ensemble Characters plotting the demise, or at least the irritating inconvenience of Party 13.

Episode 0-3, "Spinning a Varne" was released on November 29, 2017 following Episode S2-3 of the second season. It features a mostly Rudy Basso cast, no Timmes'es at all, and a return of Lilith, voiced by the new doggy-momma Bonnie MacDonald. See how I don't even talk much about Varne. What is it about Vegas that is so much more compelling. Well, we may never know.

Episode 0-4, "The Perfect Crime" was released on January 17, 2018, the first Story Arc 0 of the new year. This episode depicts a shenanigan taking place in the Season 2 Frame story involving a caper to steal a pie. It's always a pie. This is a Pecan pie. Baked by an orc. So you know it's good.

Have you ever noticed there are four ways to pronounce Pecan, but people only use 3 of them?


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