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In the first story arc, launched April 30, 2016, the audience is introduced to Party 13 and The Adventurer's Guild (TAG).

Episode 1-1 - An Adventure Begins, in which we first are introduced to Party 13, the least successful and least profitable of the TAG adventuring teams. They are assigned a new (one last) assignment by Philigren the Feared, to investigate the serial theft of pies from Bel Dale. On the road to Bel Dale they encounter the Dearthwood Collective. And the story begins.

Episode 1-2 - Cats Off to Ya. In Bel Dale, the party gets tangled up with another TAG group sent to the same town, and discover that in addition to pies, children are being snatched every night. No one, not even a ninja can connect the two crimes. Taking care to sidestep the other TAG group with the ranger summoning of a literal herd of cats, the Armored Griffins, Party 13 lays a trap for the thief.

Episode 1-3 - Pixie Peril, in which the story is continued before the backdrop of a Dire Squirrel infestation of the town where McGinty's Tavern, The Prepubescent Alcoholic resides. Another theft having occurred right under their noses, Party 13 questions a peasant family, discovers a pixie connection, and heads for the lair of the culprit. Or do they?

Episode 1-4 - Hoot Roar!, in which Party 13 finally confronts the pie-napper in an abandoned Mithril mine, with the incidental help of an adversary named Booghar.

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