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In this story, Old Man Wisely tells the tale of Party 13's epic quest to save the village of Beach Haven from a marauding horde of Bogfrops. It is revealed that Bogfrops are indeed as disgusting as their name probably has you imagining. And Thoveena is revealed in all its celebrity-name glory for the first time. Episode 2 of the arc also features the series' first original music.

Story Arc 2 features three episodes:

Episode 2-1 - Bogfrop Shakedown

Episode 2-2 - Clam Jam

Clam Jam features a musical contest between Thoven and a pearl-generating Giant Clam, which is apparently some kind of oyster, despite its being a clam.

Episode 2-3 - The Battle of Beach Haven

Bogfrops everywhere. Arrogance on a draconian scale. Airship piracy. A love consummated. Party members healed of their mortal wounds? Not to be missed.

Story Arc 2 was preceded by Story Arc 1. Episode 0-1 in Story Arc 0 was broadcast after Story Arc 2.

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