Story Arc 3 rejoins Party 13 after a break to introduce Story Arc 0.  

It's filled to the brink with romantic gestures and zombies, of course!  Because what goes together better than brain chewing and love... chewing?  

Episode 3-1: The Lichtalian Job

Cast List for this Episode

Old Man Wisely: James Introcaso Andar Patrone: Ray Fallon Lora Braidwine: Sarah Stryker Varne Stormleaf: Rudy Basso Benicio Markanti: Dan Keyser Thoven Battlebeard: John Fischer Filigrin the Feared: Sean Curry Second Viola: Vin St. John Raritan: Andrew Timmes Nobleman: Patrick Lavery Lady Felicia Ridley: Evie King Kristy Ridley: Lili Timmes Zombies: Maria Aromando, Vin St. John, Vegas Lancaster, Lili Timmes 

Episode 3-2:

Episode 3-3: Phailactery

Episode 3-3 closes out Story Arc 3 with *** spoilers *** a villainous exposition the returns Andar to the world of the living, the escape of Aurox the Annoyingly powerful, and a powerfully unsatisfying wrap-up that leaves the listeners, literally, begging for wha? Plus Andar and Benicio kiss. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The best new thing in this episode was the sound effect of Ridley's possession by Andar. Crazy cool.

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