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The Adventurer's Guild, a group of no nonsense mercenaries who take on any contract relating to adventure... for the right price.

TAG conducts a variety of services for its customers. Its administrator, Philigren the Feared, hands out adventures to its members. TAG is based in the city of Davenport. Some of their services include:

  • Delving through dungeons
  • Rescuing damsels
  • Toppling regimes.
  • Fighting Dragons
  • Punching bad guys in the face.

Some parties include:

  • Party 13 - the focus of the program led by Andar Patrone and Lora Braidwine
  • The Saviors - Andar's previous party led by Jennifer Strong.
  • The New Saviors - Jennifer Strong's new TAG party.
  • The Armored Griffins - successful rival party to Party 13 (Episode 1-1)
  • Party 14 - a secret party amassed to combat Aurox' threat to the world through alliance with the Dark Elves