Tavern Goers are a D&D staple and populate even the least tropish of adventure worlds. They are the life-blood of any village tavern or pub, listening to player characters, providing gossip and direction, letting little secrets out of the bag for a palmed electrum or two, and serving up the elixir of life itself: ale.

Voiced in the Have Spellbook series by some of the best voice actors of this time, or any, such as Rudy Basso, Alex Basso, Vin St. John, Caroline Collins, Dave Breidenstine, Mark Smith, Mark G. Smith, Liz So, hell even Anthony probably at some point or other.

Offering some of the most poignant moments in the drama, who can forget the words of Taverngoer #3 in episode 4-1 who captured the tension of the story so succintly when he said "Yeah!"

Tavern Goer #5 is especially important to both the narrative, and the program.

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