Thoven Battlebeard is a dwarven ranger whose speaking style is similar to the ways of the forest - mysterious and flowery and weird.  Nevertheless, he is an incredibly gifted tracker and warrior.

Thoven speaks in the metallically flowered patois of his people, the Mountain Dwarves. To speakers of common it is often a daunting task to decode the complex syntax. Luckily, the Thoven to Common dictionary has many common phrases for the less scholarly among us.

Thoven Battlebeard is voiced by John Fischer.

By day, John Fischer is a consultant from the capital area of NJ after completing his Ph.D. in physics in 2015. By night and weekends he is lyricist and one third of a writing team that has created Star Wars! the Musical and Lemonade!, in addition to some songs on this very podcast. He is also a reasonably acceptable husband and an aspiring father.  

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