Thoven Battlebeard is one of the Main Characters in Have Spellbook. His dialect is Mountain Dwarf with a good bit of ranger thrown in to confuse things, along with a little bit of south Jersey. Some common phrases are listed here.

Thoven Common Translation
"Every man is a blacksmith at the forge of destiny. But what suit of armor will I create? These gnarled hands and arms of sinew are fragile, when baked in the fires of time. Every drop of water is trying to trickle through rock. I am but one of these drops, hoping to have as much impact as I may muster. The fields of gold are mine to reap. It's the bread of life, my friends." No
"Dark, the heavens open, never heeding to the call of the weeping caterpillars. Sacrifices of statuary. The icy green of verdant flowers upon leaves trampled under hooves of the beasts." The study of the language of mountain dwarves taxes even the heartiest of taxi drivers
"The Yin to my Yang." I hate that guy.
The beast displaced are only so because they are thrown from someone's heart. I love cats.
The temptations of crusted glory cannot be ignored. Ginger weeps in a skyline of butter. Mmm. Pie.
Does the nymph not bathe in the salts of the plane of air? I can track them.
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