One of the standout performances of Have Spellbook is Unnamed Taverngoer 5, the most emotive of the unnamed Taverngoers, in this reviewers opinion. His or her on-mic utterances most purely encapsulate the exuberance of a besotted villager being regaled with a new adventure story, while still containing the core seed of the helplessness and futility of an esne's life lived under the constant threat of being eaten by rabid bogfrops.

Who can forget in Episode 2-2 of Story Arc 2 when Unnamed Taverngoer 5 said "Yeah!", or the even more uplifting line later in the broadcast: "Go on." Thrilling stuff.

Believed to be in some sort of personal, and wholly inappropriate, relationship with Tavern Goer #3.

There are some who have intimated to this reviewer that the quality of the performance of Unnamed Taverngoer 5 is due to the especial fluffiness of the blanket they wear over their head while recording lines in their roommate's walk in closet. Others suggest it is a certain rawness captured by the Maxell SP audio cassette used to record this character. I believe it is instead the days and days of college drama that leads to this weighty and profound performance; training that only college drama can provide.

Who is the genius behind Unnamed Taverngoer 5, asks the excited throng at IMDB? Unfortunately, that mystery is lost to time as the voices were recorded in an orgy of ensemble recording conducted at 3am one April night in northern New Jersey. Only Teedeekay, god of structured formatting of magnetic media knows. And as a culture, we are all the poorer for not knowing.

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