Vegas Lancaster is an improv artist, comedian and ensemble voice actor on Have Spellbook - Will Travel best known for his moving portrayal of Tom, the Talking Fish. Tom's valiant service in the defense of Beachhaven will long be told in heroic tales, as will his later capture and imprisonment in the foul backpack of the Fisherfrop, and eventual lemon-butter accompanied digestion in the stomach of Beachhaven's blacksmith's apprentice Thord.

Vegas' other roles include many of the villains in the series. He is featured in Behind the Scenes episode 4.

A member of Improve group The N Crowd, Vegas regularly performs in Philadelphia. His website is or you can also find him dressing up as a cat at

Vegas also will be starring in the new Kung-Fu themed Actual Play podcast Critical Fist, with Vegas Lancaster this fall on the Don't Split the Podcast Network! *

Vegas Lancaster is featured heavily in Season 2's episode 0:2: a thoughtlessly numbered episode in which he voices all the characters in an overt condemnation of Party 13.

Vegas Lancaster is, of course, his stage name. His birth name is Des Moines Lancaster, which is a family name, his father also having the last name Lancaster.

*working title. show concept may still be in development

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